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By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Masturbation is when somebody touches their genitals in a way that feels good and is sexually arousing. As children got older, they appeared more likely to masturbate. I masturbate and my voice cracks. It's probably just as embarrassing for them. Sometimes, persistent masturbation habits can be symptomatic of other but not necessarily deeper problems. The development of sexuality can be a complicated and confusing phase for teens, and the discouragement of a parent can be seriously traumatic.

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I think it's important, even though it's a little awkward.

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Is It Normal to Masturbate?

Is it masturbation which cracks my voice or puberty and will it get cured? Try to put yourself in your teenager's shoes and anticipate how they'll feel when you bring this up. There's no reason to punish masturbation, unless you're concerned that a teenager has developed an addictionin which case you should probably seek professional guidance. A great many people, men and woman, masturbate regularly, but it's neither necessary for a happy and well-functioning life, nor a roadblock to that life. It may be one of the most awkward conversations you can have as a parent, but promoting safe and healthy sexual practices in your teenager is part of your responsibility.

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