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Recently a friend suggested that I may be asexual, but that doesn't feel right. I hate the smell of dicks, the taste of dicks, the look, shape and feel of dicks. You might also be interested in these: I feel like I'm attracted to everything there is about men, all except what's between their legs. Tix on sale now!

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Many of the gay cis male partners of gay trans men may like dick just fine some may even love dickWILD, but the absence of dick isn't a deal-breaker for them—and it stands to reason that some of them may actually prefer men without dicks.

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You could get into therapy and unpack your issues at length and keep going on first dates with men and see if your feelings about dick change—you should do both those things, in fact. Also highly dangerous bullshit, as I've pointed out. The thought of giving head makes me gag not in a good waythe few times I've tried bottoming, there was no pleasure in it for me, and the one time I tried topping I went soft immediately. Tickets to HUMP are on sale now! Tix on sale now! Lately, I've been having a hard time thinking about what turns me on in the bedroom. This Week's Issue Print Archives.

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