Air group 4

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Jan 11, -- All ships refueled today. She then entered the Norfolk Navy Yard for repairs on 21 March Klinsmann was shot down during the strike on the Pescadores on January 15,Millington became commander of Air Group 4, the first Marine to command a Navy Air Group. Ranger had been designed in the late s, and consequently was smaller, slower and less armored, and carried fewer aircraft and ammunition supplies than the rest of the U. It has been demonstrated many times that when several eye witnesses are asked to describe what they saw after an event, each one would have a little different story to tell.

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The whole air support went off without a hitch and we received a "very well done" from the General and Admiral.

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Enterprise Air Group

The articles are entitled "A Very Valuable Ship: The ship had been attacked previously by the Northern Attack Group. Now if that wasn't enough to throw a scare into a greenhorn, I don't know what was. Jan 4, -- I went to Formosa today. An island superstructure was not included in the original design, but was added after completion. The weather was terrible.

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air group 4
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air group 4
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