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It must be a normal thing for him by this time. Wilmer said that he met Mandy and told her that she was good looking and that brought the room to a stop because no one talks to her like that. Howard asked Wilmer what it's like to pop that hymen for the first time. Howard asked Wilmer if Lindsay was anorexic when he was dating her. Howard said that it doesn't get better than this guy's life.

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Howard took a call from a guy who said that Wilmer should call in each Friday, instead of Mike Walker, and he can tell four stories and they have to figure out which one is fake.

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He said that the show came to him and his family when they needed it most. He asked Wilmer if he's actually bigger than 8 inches. Howard said that he needs about 7 hours to interview this guy. Wilmer is the new Scott Baio. He told Howard that the show will be an hour long and they'll have some behind the scenes stuff. He was with Jennifer Love Hewitt though.

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