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The study results support theories of parental investment and sexual strategy: Fewer women do these stupid things. Assuming women did not avoid having sex with them, men who ran from woman to woman and got them pregnant would have scored best in the evolutionary race. But it is far more common for women to regret saying yes. About 30 per cent of women in Norway were happy about their most recent casual sex experience, as were over 50 per cent of the men, according to Bendixen.

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They also wanted to try and find out why the results varied so much by gender.

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But when it comes to short-term sex, the best strategy is fundamentally different for men and women. New cultural changes, it turns out, do not alter our biological foundation. Asexual populations rapidly reach a fitness plateau, but the learning aspect of the no-regret algorithm most often eventually boosts the fitness of sexual populations past the maximal viability of corresponding asexual populations. The question of 'why sex' has long been a puzzle. A counsellor of teens for nearly thirty years based in Colorado, USA, Elizabeth Clark was driven to create this book for parents — so that they had something they could pass on to their teen and ideally have a tool for initiating discussions on sensitive topics. Very few women regretted saying no.

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