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I picked Mike from work because he was getting his car worked on. I'm not sure why people don't think your comment is relevant. Me and my partner has 2 words: She should have communicated better in the moment, but he KNEW it was past her boundaries and went on anyway because he wanted to hurt her. You shouldn't spank children in the first place. We discussed it at great length. I was on the highway about a week and and half ago cruising 70mph and the speed limit chance to 60mph and than to 55mph.

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Um, if he is spanking you after you have told him to stop and you are not into it, it already is actual violence.

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It is accurate to both say that he is a sadomasochist and that he is a sadist, but sadist is the more specific term. I couldn't figure it out; I would ask her not to do something and explain why not, and she would agree, and then do them anyway. If you stay, you must confront him and tell him that if he beats you, you are going to the police and he will be arrested and punished for beating you without your permission and if he does what we both expect him to - then when he leaves your home and you are alone, go to the police, or ring and ask for immediate help to get him off and away from you. This is already actual violence. But a major sign that kink is a bad bad idea. I honestly think you should leave him.

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boyfriends who spank
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boyfriends who spank
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