Act like an ass

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Don't click the following. Jay is a bird, 'blue-jay'. But I still think that it was unnecessary to make the comparison with arseas though the American use of ass to mean "buttocks" were some sort of misuse. AnotherdayinCAJul 3, Your ASS is Mine A very imposing way to say that you belong to me, or you are under my control, often implying that you will face consequences for something. In my experience, calling somebody an ass is generally improper and quite offensive in most cases.

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To do something with less or far less than your best effort.

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Act like an ass - Crossword Clue

Do you already have an account? It is most commonly used in the present continuous as Dragging Ass. At the same time, I find that it's simply human nature to make the association. Like most other languages, the word lazy has no official noun attached to it, so the rich English language had to compensate. Instead of taking umbrage, I would most likely chuckle, unless it's used for religious purposes.

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act like an ass
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act like an ass
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