Positions mutal orgasm kama sutra

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For further information, including about cookie settings, please read our Cookie Policy. The physical positions of the two lovers' bodies facilitate the control over the sexual energy. The standing position makes it easier for the man to have a better control on the sexual energy. The man has to stop his movements when he feels he is close to the point of non return and both lovers have to focus their attention in the cardiac plexus in order to guide the sexual energy along the spine. Her lover begins to move slowly and rhythmically, alternating thus two deep amorous blows movements with eight superficial ones. The lovers place themselves so, that his penis is aimed at her buttocks from the rear.

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However, when he feels he is getting close to the point of non-return, he has to stop and direct his sexual energy to the crown of the head.

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Tantra Positions of Love Making

With his pelvis intimately touching her pelvis, the man plunges into her deeply and forcefully, so that she can feel the size of his member all the better. Contrary to all expectation the woman should not be passive in this position. Always controlling his seed, his lingam is introduced into the yoni when it is not completely erect and withdrawn when still it is very hard. This is available for the woman, too. Both lovers have to focus their attention in the middle of the forehead. At the moment when the man feels that he is getting close to the ejaculatory orgasm he has to stop his motions and remain still at least 30 seconds in order to avoid ejaculation.

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positions mutal orgasm kama sutra
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positions mutal orgasm kama sutra
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