Lubricant sperm testing

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Beha January 27, at 8: You might also take the fill out the questionnaire to see if there are any other risk factors that you could work on. All condoms have lubricants that are toxic to sperm; therefore condoms must not be used. These days i changed my life style now. In general, this is a pretty healthy result except the rapid motility. Thanks so there is no defect or a problem.

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Hi, 29 years old from India.

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Preparing for Your Semen Analysis

After getting married her cycle is mostly regular too but it happened about twice to her that she did not have menstrual period on due dates and we got happy that maybe its due to pregnancy. The difference in motile sperm recovery between the PureSperm group vs. Third, from this study we conclude that lubricants do not harm fertility; however, one cannot conclude that lubricants have no effect on fertility. Vaginal lubricants intended for use during sexual activity are readily available for purchase through drug stores, large retail chains, and the internet. You can make a new topic here: Are you exposed to heat, cigarette smoke, alcohol, or harsh chemicals?

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lubricant sperm testing
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lubricant sperm testing
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