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Thus, the metals and Lovibond parameters are expressed as the algebraic sum of each parameter in an equation with multiple variables. This procedure allows for the use of two significant numbers in the FQI. The quality index value is determined by the sum of the product of the sub-indices and the weight that is set for each parameter. InOkullo evaluated shea butter from different regions of Uganda VPader, Lira, Katakwi, and Arua, and he showed the variation in the quality parameters in each of these regions Okullo et al. Graphs showing the correlation function of unsaponifiable materials.

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In Table 3the mathematical models for each evaluated parameter are shown.

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In Table 3the mathematical models for each evaluated parameter are shown. Likewise, the abbreviations used in this work and the weights assigned to each parameter are shown. The variability and confidence intervals are determined both statistically, according to the standard deviation, and in accordance with the regulations regarding the significant values of each parameter, which are set according to the standard analytical detection method employed. Once the selection of variables is complete, the sub-index of each parameter must be established to transform the value of the dimensional parameter into a dimensionless value and homogenize each value for subsequent combination with the other sub-indices that make up the FQI. An increase in the FQI value from Statistical analysis of the parameters 3.

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table fat p o r
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