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Theodore turned to see Dave, his adopted father, looking right at him. Chipmunk Coitus Celebration The fur that usually covered her breasts was shorter and thinning away, revealing small, light pink nipples beneath. He too was naked, and looking over Theodore's body. She had secretly been wanting this for a long time, but her sisters had kept her from doing it. This was true, it had been about three months since the three first did anything like this with each other, but Simon had said "We're brothers, and I think we should get to know each other much better than we do now. Simon and Theodore were both in the same predicament he was in, after all.

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After she came for the fourth time Alvin suddenly screamed as he orgasmed into her, firing off his load in 7 bursts.

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Brittany didn't say anything, after all, Alvin normally locks the door when they're alone together, especially when they make out. They kissed for 10 minutes without stopping. The next thing Brittany did almost made him cum. It was a warm Saturday afternoon and Alvin was ready to put the plan he had into motion. Leaping off the counter, she grabbed her clothes and quickly threw them on.

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